Karrierehuset is globally connected and a member of the Career Star Group, a global alliance of the world’s leading in outplacement, career transition, and executive coaching providers.

Globally connected gjennom Career Star Group

Career Star Group provides multinational companies with access to the best career transition service providers regardless of where workforce changes occur.

By aligning the leading outplacement firms in each market, Career Star Group ensures that departing employees receive services from the best experts in their country, who have unparalleled knowledge of the regional job market, access to the best resources, and have extensive local business networks. It is this local knowledge and networks that ensure that departing employees receive the best outplacement support available.

Career Star Group provides global control and local excellence, by ensuring consistently high-quality services and seamless deployment.

Membership in Career Star Group requires both a financial and contractual commitment to best-practice standards. This ensures a consistent level of quality and enables centralized coordination, reporting and billing.

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